Information system "EXIPIRETO" by MoA: 1,400 medical services and 289 social programs from 198 institutions and organizations in one click of

"EXIPIRETO" is the name of the new online system of MoA mapping all health services and social support institutions in Athens. This is the website, which aims to be a reliable and fast information tool for the citizens.

Citizens can receive information on 1,400 medical and social services and 289 social support programs provided by 198 social and non-governmental organizations. The programs and organizations have been recorded by the services of the Municipality of Athens.

The mayor of Athens, George Broulias, stated "The easiest communication between the citizen and the municipal services, as well as their access to the information for other institutions in the city is a fixed objective of the Municipality of Athens" and added "with the "EXIPIRETO" platform, we achieve an overall information about the social programs and services that every citizen needs".

"We have created the appropriate digital environment for citizens to refer to specialized institutions to cover their individual needs," said Vice-Mayor of Social Solidarity, Equality and Welfare Maria Stratigaki.

The Social Solidarity Directorate, the Public Health Directorate and the Reception and Solidarity Center of the Municipality of Athens (KYADA) already use the EXIPIRETO online platform.

The platform was created within the framework of the European program ESTI@ of the Municipality of Athens.